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Snowdo Press is a small publisher headquartered in Greenville, SC. Established in 2022, our goal is to provide an array of children's books in a variety of formats and genres, focusing on fictional storytelling using a recipe of inspiration from fables, fantasy, folk stories, and the wild frontrier of the human imagination.

We aspire to foster the imagination of young readers and spark fanciful ideas and imagery so they can use their imagination to further themselves in their everyday and extraordinary walks of life.

Our Creators

Davey Morgan
Publisher, Author, and Illustrator

Davey graduated with a B.A. in Visual Art from Erskine College and currently writes and illustrates. Davey has illustrated two children's books, Bats in the Air and Bats in My Hair and Just One More Game. He lives in Greenville, SC with his wife, Marissa, two boys, Ansel and Harrison, and two cats, Frankie and Ting Ting. View Davey's other passions here, Davey Makes.

Children's Books

Froggy Hopkins

Froggy Hopkins

Froggy Hopkins

Froggy Hopkins

ISBN 979-8-9860625-0-1

44 pages, paperback, coloring storybook, ages 0-10

Color your way through the adventures of Froggy Hopkins and his family and friends. Includes bonus activities and songs!

Froggy Hopkins

Froggy Hopkins


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